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Science and Engineering Core Service (Metaphase)

Equipment Costs

Equipment (Hourly Charge) HKU User Other UGC User Commercial User
Leo 1530 FEG SEM$150$980$2330
FEI Tecnai G2 20 Scanning TEM$150$590$1400
FEI Quanta 200 3D FIB$300$2150$5730
- Low Vaccum/ ESEM$150$1075$2865
Philips CM100 TEM$100$450$1090
Hitachi S4800 FEG SEM$150$980$2330
Hitachi S3400N VP SEM$120$820$2100
Thermo Scientific Talos F200X STEM$300$1950$4650

Services Costs

Service Charge** Unit
Critical Point Dry$250per load
Ion Beam Milling$190per hour
Chemicals for processing$150 per sample (TEM processing)
TEM Sectioning (Ultra/Semi-thin)$420 per sample (included 1 semi-thin section and 2 ultra-thin section)
TEM Processing (Biological Specimen)$450 per sample, NOT including chemicals (Process from sample in fixative to sample embed in resin block)
Freeze Dry$250per load
SEM Processing$150 per sample, including chemicals (Process from sample in fixative to sample on SEM stub)
Staining service (UA)(1 Load = 10 Grids)$65per load
Staining service (UA+lead citrate)(1 Load = 10 Grids)$125per load
TEM Processing (Cross-section)NOT including ion beam milling$625per sample
TEM Processing (Plane-view)NOT including ion beam milling$375per sample

Payment Methods